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About us

Politalia Srl is specialized in both processing and in the plate marketing of marble, granite, quartzites, onyx, stones and travertines belonging to our Apuan territory as Statuary, Calacatta, Paonazzo, Bianco Carrara, Gioia, Bardiglio, Arabescato, Cardoso stone and materials of foreign origin.

The processed for interiors, intended as: stairs, floors, coverings, bathrooms with the possibility of tubs and washbasins in solid wood, kitchens and fireplaces; that worked for exteriors intended as: windows / doors panes external stair cladding; are performed in particularly equipped laboratories, from our Craftsmen who boast, experience and professionalism, with the contribution of Designers for a vision of modern design, without renouncing, when required, a "Classic" combination and if we want to say, even to a "Classic-modern", for every living environment. < / span>

All our materials are treated appropriately, with various types of finishes, considering the physical-mechanical characteristics and the chromatic tones in order to suggest the best setting and use solution for each project. In our normal operation, there is a selection, from the quarry of extraction, of our materials, thus guaranteeing quality and price to our domestic and foreign customers.

Another type of processing that can be supplied concerns onyx, marble and backlit quartzite coverings as well as the supply of Marble, Onyx, Quartzite lightened with honeycomb for the realization of unique architectural projects both for private individuals (villas, yachts, apartments) and for public environments (hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, cruise ships) with the enhancement of a perfect craftsmanship.

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